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The prime objective of technology (or licensor) selection is to maximise the value to our client over the life of their project.  This includes consideration of Licensor costs, engineering and capital costs, but most importantly the operational net benefit due to product margin upgrading and efficient energy and resource utilisation.  Secondly, and very often important for successful delivery of the project, is to minimise the number of Licensors.  During the FEED phase of the project, the accurate and timely coordination of Licensor interfaces is critical to development of not only the main process units, but also all the supporting utility, storage and off-site facilities.  There are significant benefits in execution to minimise the number of interfaces between the Licensors and the FEED Contractor.

Selection and award of the Process Licences will include the following main activitie

    Establish Licensor list
    Obtain  expressions of interest from prequalified Licensors
    Develop Licensor Bases of Design, Scope of Facilities and Services specifications
    Issue Request for Proposal.
    Manage Licensor bidding Technical and Commercial Query process
    Technical Evaluation, Clarification and Screening
    Commercial Evaluation, Clarification and Screening
    Selection of preferred Licensor(s) and recommendation(s) to CLIENT.
    Negotiation of Terms
    Award of Licenses (by client).
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