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Ammonia & Urea – fertiliser plants for better harvests
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has been engineering and building nitrogenous fertilizer plants for more than 80 years and is a leading supplier in this field. Its name is synonymous with first-class technologies which are subject to constant refinement as well as excellent management skills for large-scale projects, modern international procurement strategies in a global market and decades of experience in all four corners of the globe. The company is therefore in a position to offer its customers throughout the world optimum solutions for maximum cost efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility.

Since 1994 alone, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has built 19 new ammonia and 21 new urea plants, as well as completing 9 ammonia and 6 urea capacity expansions. The nominal capacities of each of the plants range from 600 to 3,300 mtpd ammonia and from 1,050 to 3,500 mtpd urea. In the European and American markets there is also a demand for UAN liquid fertilizer and thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has supplied five UAN plants, including the three biggest in the world with respective capacities of 4,300 mtpd. The company is the only supplier that can offer all technologies in the UAN process chain from a single source.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution's fertilizer technology portfolio also includes leading technologies for the production of synthesis gas, hydrogen and synthesis gas products, such as methanol.
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