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Nitrates – fundamental to a better quality of life
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has been working to provide a better quality of life for more than 80 years, whether through its nitrate fertilisers, which make a significant contribution to safeguarding food supplies in many regions of the earth, or through the thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions proprietary EnviNOx process, which makes an important contribution to climate protection. Today thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of nitric acid plants which produce various types of nitrous fertilisers, as well as technical nitrate applications. Our success is based on our outstanding expertise in fertilisers, combined with our determination to make continuous improvements to our numerous existing technologies. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions offers a virtually complete range of processes to meet the global demand for mixed and complex fertilisers.

In 2006 we set up an independent hydrogen & nitrates division as a core competence, resulting in a focussed strategy on our hydrogen plants and nitrate products. This has paid off in after only a short time with a considerable increase in our market presence, especially noteworthy examples being the combination of our nitric acid technologies with the innovative EnviNOx process for the abatement of nitrous oxide (N2O), a greenhouse gas or our patented CO2 free Hydrogen production process. These innovations allow our customers to achieve extremely ambitious economic production targets and at the same time meet the most stringent environmental standards.

In addition to hydrogen & nitrates, Uhde's fertiliser technology portfolio also includes leading technologies for the production of ammonia and urea.
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