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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions' top-class technology for the production of hydrogen involves the steam reforming of light hydrocarbons and partial oxidation (catalytic or non-catalytic). In all process routes, the reforming step is followed by shift conversion and final product purification.

The best option for producing hydrogen from light hydrocarbons is steam reforming. This standard process consists of the following process steps:

Desulphurisation of feed
Synthesis gas generation (steam reforming) and heat recovery
Synthesis gas purification (pressure swing adsorption)

The Uhde steam reformer has been used around the world for generating synthesis gas in various fields, such as the production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and oxo-alcohols. It meets the demands of the various applications and ensures operating reliability at temperatures of 740 °C to 950 °C and pressures up to 50 bar.