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It was as long ago as 1931 that thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions first designed and constructed a methanol plant. This plant employed a high-pressure methanol synthesis process, the syngas feed being generated from coal.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions later constructed the first low-pressure (LP) methanol plant using the copper-based catalyst and providing coal as feedstock. The first modern methanol plant - using steam reforming and a low-pressure synthesis process (50 bar) - was designed and supervised by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions in Romania in 1972/1974. Even at that time, the plant had all the characteristic features of a modern methanol plant, i.e.:

Steam reformer technology
Waste heat recovery system generating 120-bar steam
Low-pressure synthesis loop (50 bar)
Efficient grade AA methanol distillation.

Further commercial-scale methanol plants were subsequently engineered for instance in Bahrain (1,250 mtpd) and Libya (2 x 1,250 mtpd).
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