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Organic chemicals
For decades now, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has been a leading force in the construction of plants for the production of organic chemicals, particularly feedstocks for polymers and fibres. Supported by internationally recognised licensors and highly regarded partners from the global chemical industry, such as Vinnolit, Shell, Hitachi and Evonik, we are able to provide our customers with premium processes in a variety of fields.

Through close cooperation with our licensor Vinnolit, we have over the years become the leading supplier of VCM and EDC plants. In conjunction with its licensor Vinnolit, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has recently developed to market maturity a new process for EDC.

Another new process in thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions´s technology portfolio is the environment-friendly and co-product-free production of propylene oxide (PO) from propylene and hydrogen peroxide. This new process was developed in cooperation with Evonik and has been in successful operation since 2008. Propylene oxide has high growth rates and serves as a feedstock for polyurethane intermediates.

Due to a long-standing relationship between thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and Shell, we also have access to Shell’s ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol technology, a leading process in this field.