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Conventional horizontal chamber oven, designed as either
 - a top-charged battery (with oven chamber heights of up to 8.4 m) or as
 - a stamp-charged battery
Non-heat recovery / heat recovery ovens (option for power production in case of heat recovery plants)

Coke quenching plants

Coal by-product units
 - for raw gas cleaning
 - with customized solutions for further process treatment
 - for the production of all typical coal by-products and their intermediates
All kinds of coke oven machines

Coal and coke handling plants
General technological consultancy, such as feasibility and profitability studies

Assistance with project financing

Planning, engineering, supply, erection and commissioning or commissioning supervision as well as the project management of subprojects or entire projects

Services, such as complex hot repairs to the refractory lining and revamping of your coke oven plants
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