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Coke Oven Batteries
Over 80% of all coke oven batteries around the world are operated with by-product units. In conjunction with our customers we develop cost-effective plant concepts tailored to the local infrastructure. We integrate individual new batteries into existing plants and for completely new locations we prefer to install for our customers compact high-capacity coke oven batteries that facilitate exceptionally efficient operation. Some outstanding examples of major coke oven plants based on this principle are:

Schwelgern (8.4 m chamber height, 2.6 million t/year coke)

Hyundai (7.6 m chamber height, 5.0 million t/year coke)

POSCO Gwangyang (7.6 m chamber height, 2.8 million t/year coke)

In the past 10 years, we have employed exceedingly low-emission processes in nearly all our projects, including the single-chamber pressure control system EnviBAT Pressure Regulation System and quench towers with extremely low dust emissions, so-called "low-emission quench towers" (LEQTs), such as CSQ towers.

For sites with high energy costs where there is no need for a common energy system for the steelworks and the coke oven plant, heat recovery technology is ideal. This technology involves combusting in the ovens the raw gas formed during coking, thus directly generating the heat required for the coking process. Electric power can also be recovered from the flue gas.
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