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Technology Services
The modular services concept, which consists of basic, system, performance and consulting services, presents a range of options for increasing efficiency, conserving resources and reducing emissions. The concept enables operators to identify any potential for optimising their existing plants, and provides a framework for implementing improvements within the fixed budget and timeframe.

The innovative building block system of optimised components offers the following advantages:

Flexible approach to troubleshooting
Technical and commercial calculabilty
Everything from a single source
Verifiably proven in reference plants, with room for further optimization

Basic Services:
Maintenance and repair
Maintenance planning and management
Shutdown, turnaround
Supply of spares and wears

System Services:
Root cause analysis and troubleshooting
Condition monitoring
Replacement of systems, components

Performance Services:
Process optimization
Energy efficiency improvement
Capacity increase
Lifecycle extension

Consulting Services:
Feasibility studies
Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)
Technical consulting
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