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State-of-the-art technologies and process equipment
Uhde Inventa-Fischer is a forward-thinking, innovative engineering company in the Polymer Division of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG. The company can boast a wealth of experience gained in the construction and commissioning of more than 400 production plants throughout the world.

Its core competence is the design and construction of state-of-the-art polymerization plants for polyesters, polyamides and polylactic acid. These plants are based on proprietary, patented polycondensation process technologies and key equipment developed, tested and optimized at their proprietary pilot plants and laboratories.

Uhde Inventa-Fischer is located at two sites, Berlin in Germany and Domat/Ems in Switzerland. They employ a team of around 200 specialists that consists of process engineers, chemists, design engineers, CAD experts, as well as professionals in international procurement, inspection, expediting and experts in commerce and finance. More than 20% of its employees work in R&D. The company also cooperates closely with prominent scientific and industrial partners.

The latest developments of the company are processes for the production of biopolymers, such as polylactic acid (PLA). This biodegradable polymer is based on renewable raw materials and is a sustainable alternative to plastics based on petrochemicals. Thus, PLA offers a huge potential replacing conventional or enabling modern polymer applications.

In 2004 Uhde Inventa-Fischer joined the thyssenkrupp Uhde group, which has now become part of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG. This strong network creates valuable synergies and enables Uhde Inventa-Fischer to cooperate globally and efficiently within the thyssenkrupp group. Furthermore, it allows the company to offer specific and bespoke services to customers, such as authority engineering, construction services and local sourcing of equipment.
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