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Services - Project Management
Process Technologies undertakes a wide range of projects - including conceptual design studies and provision of turnkey plants. We use an established set of project delivery procedures and systems to execute these projects.

This includes a dedicated task force which handles each project. All work is coordinated by a Project Manager who leads a team of experienced personnel responsible for the work of his or her discipline.

Each team adapts the project delivery methodology according to project size. Small projects are managed to streamline documentation control and reporting, maximising efficiency without compromising quality and outcome.

The project management and engineering design procedures and systems that are used on a project are defined in a Project Execution Plan (PEP). This is customised for each assignment and covers project management, design, procurement, quality assurance, project control services and construction.

Procedures and systems referenced in the PEP are contained in Uhde Systems Procedures, Engineering Procedures and Standard Work Guidelines.

Quality audits for compliance with the referenced company procedures are scheduled in the PEP.

Our Systems Procedures include a comprehensive set of project control and reporting systems for all sizes of projects.

Project schedules are developed from the detailed list of deliverables on the project. Significant deliverables are nominated as milestones. The detailed workface schedules are rolled-up into area or unit summary schedules as 'S' curves for project level reporting purposes. A further roll-up of summary schedules provides the management level report.

Detailed cost estimates for individual equipment items, bulk materials, construction and sub-contractor delivered services are the basis for the project capital cost budget. Project cost reports tabulate by category, project budgets, cost commitments, expenditures, forecast completion costs and variances. Comparisons with budget are developed at a detailed level, then rolled-up into summary and management reports. Client requirements on the content and level of detail of reports are agreed prior to work commencement. Progress reports and costs reports are computer generated and normally issued monthly.
Contents would typically include:
- Milestones listing and achievement status
- Physical progress curves compared to plans
- Terms of concern and proposed remedial actions
- Costs to date and forecasts to complete
- Equipment and materials status
- Contract variations status
- Contract payments status
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