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References - Current Project
Bulk crude oil storage and blending facility
Process Design, Mechanical and Piping Design, Fire Fighting System Design (process, mechanical and C&I), HVAC System design, on site installation supervision and commissioning support.
References - Liquid Fuel Storage
Durban Thebe Study
Scope: Fatal Flaw Analysis for Purchase orientation
Completion: 2017
Details: Investigate from a Social, Economic, Technical perspective
Lanele High Level Pre-Feasibility Study
Scope: High Level Pre-Feasibility on Ambrose Park
Completion: 2017
Details: Market Assessment, Business Model, Logistics Study, Plant Optimization Study and Financial Evaluation
Lanele FEL-1 and 2
Scope: Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility on Ambrose Park
Completion: 2018
Details: Market Assessment, Business Model, Logistics Study, Plant Optimization Study and Financial Evaluation and more
BOST Pumpuni Terminal
Scope: Basic Engineering
Completion: 2016
Details: Large Petroleum Terminal with Gasoline, Gasoil and LPG.
Newly Constructed jetty.
Detergents Alcohol
Scope: EPC
Completion: 2003
Details: Tank farm of 15 storage tanks and transfer pumps
VCM Revamp (Vinyl Chloride Monomer)
Scope: EPC
Completion: 2004
Details: EDC double walled tank, transfer pump and vent recovery
TNPE (Tar Naphtha Phenolic Extraction)
Scope: EPC
Completion: 2005
Details: Phenols storage and underground tanks
LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
Scope: EPCM
Completion: 2006
Details: Isopropanol storage and transfer included
MIBK II (Methyl Isobutyl Ketone)
Scope: EPC
Completion: 2010
Details: Engineering design and construction of tankage
Wet Gas Sulphuric Acid
Scope: EPC
Completion: 2011
Details: Intermediate storage, transfer pumps and lines
3% Benzene Reduction
Scope: EPC
Completion: 2011
Details: Largest double wall tanks in South Africa (40m x 18m diam)
Water Recovery Growth
Scope: EPCM
Completion: 2014
Details: Construction of tanks based on bolted panel design
New Multi-Purpose Pipeline TM1 & TM2
Scope: Engineering Services
Completion: 2015 (e)
Details: Engineering of terminal tankage, pigging and pumps
NMPP – Island View TM1 More Detail
Design of 8 x 20,000m3 Geodesic Dome Tanks for Multi-Fuel Storage (Petrol & Diesel)
Tank size: 36m Diameter x 22m Height
Tanks equipped with internal floating roofs
Pump out via vertical canned pumps designed at 1500m3/h due to NPSH requirements
Designed downstream pump station to boost pressure in 24” multi-products pipeline