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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa (tkISSA) provides a low cost, robust, mobile design to dilute and spray disinfectant for use in COVID-19 hotspots.

A regional lockdown will help flatten the curve as a result of social distancing. As COVID-19 is extremely contagious, the right cleaning agents and sanitisers will play an extremely important role in the next months and possibly years to come.

Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in bleach which has a concentration of 3.5% hypochlorite. According to World Health Organisation, a 0.5% hypochlorite solution is recommended to disinfect surfaces potentially containing COVID-19. The contact time is in the order of a minute, depending on hypochlorite brand. To make a 0.5% hypochlorite solution, it is necessary to dilute the bleach 7 times. This is as good as the alcohols used in hand sanitisers.

If bleach (e.g.JIK) is diluted 7 times by the end user, it is safe to use in homes and hospitals for cleaning surfaces with the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to effectively kill the virus. In Wuhan (China) and Milan (Italy), they are spraying streets with this 0.5% hypochlorite solution and many other countries are following suit. Concentrated hypochlorite has a limited shelf life and logistic timing has to be considered.

tkISSA is looking for partners across Africa to mobilise these units.
A Sodium Hypochlorite Mobile and Dilution Unit

thyssenkrupp designed a 1 Ton sodium hypochlorite mobile unit that allows dilution and applying diluted hypochlorite (0.5%) on the streets of hotspot areas.