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Mobile Hypo and Dilution Unit Specifications
  1 Ton
No of Axles.1
Break Assisted.Yes
Concentrate (6%) Tank Volume (litres)500
Dilution (0.5%) Tank Volume (litres)500
Sodium chlorite application speed per mobile unit (km/h).2.5
Application width at application speed (m).4
Application rate of 0.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (litres/m2).0.092
Operators required to perform the application (excluding driver).4
Duration for one diluted spray tank to complete (hours).0.5
Distance covered per day (km)14
Sodium hypochlorite concentrate (6%) needed per 12 hour shift (litres).444
Potable water needed per 12 hour shift (litres).4884
Other utilities needed.Petrol
The following Process Systems are included:
  • The Concentrate (6%) replenishment system from 200l drums to the Concentrate Tank.
  • The Concentrate (6%) tank supply system.
  • The Diluted (0.5%) tank dilution and recirculation system.
  • The Diluted (0.5%) Spraying manifold.