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Combined Systems
Resource Technologies combined systems integrate the advantages and possibilities of a stacker as well as of a reclaimer into one machine.
Side Boom Stacker/Reclaimer
The side boom stacker/reclaimer has the same reclaiming functions as the side boom reclaimer, but a tripper trailer adds a stacking function. It transports material to the center of the transfer table and discharges it into the scraper blades, which work in reversed rotation to build a stockpile in a slow-motion traveling mode. To achieve a clean material transfer, a rotating flop gate covers the reclaim opening. The side boom stacker/reclaimer can also send the incoming material in bypass mode back onto the yard conveyor and reclaim additional material on top of it, or can be used to stack and reclaim separately.
Circular Stacker/Reclaimer
The circular stacker/reclaimer is designed for 360 degrees of rotation. The design consists of a slewing and luffing stacker to stack the material, a bent chain slewing and luffing reclaimer and a central column which includes a feeding and discharge hopper. The stacking and reclaiming systems operate independently.
Bucketwheel Stacker/Reclaimer
Bucket-wheel Stacker/Reclaimers travel on a rail track alongside the piles of material, offering the potential to selectively stack and reclaim materials in different stockpile sections. This is carried out in two quadrants (directions) on both sides of the track. Four-quadrant reclaiming is possible with units featuring tripper-trailers that can be uncoupled. Active stockpiles may be stacked and reclaimed within the traveling limits and operating radius - up to the boundary zone of the storage area on the boom side of the machine. On the trailer side, a clear space, or box cut, is provided, which permits the bucket-wheel to cut into a free end face of the pile.
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