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Rapid Load Out Station

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These facilities load coal into block trains consisting of any number of open trucks of various capacities. Load out Stations are installed under suitable surge facilities, designed to integrate the coal feed rate with the station load out rate.

The station loads trains using the propulsion of the mainline locomotives during loading, thus eliminating the need for additional train moving equipment. The profile chute is designed to be raised clear of the locomotive which allows the high capacity loading.

The control system provides far higher loading accuracy than normally specified by railway companies. This is achieved through the measurement of axle loads of both empty and full trucks together with a closed loop control system. The system uses historical data to reduce the number of initial iterations when starting a new loading cycle.

Capital equipment savings, reduced train turnaround times and the subsequent improvement in rolling stock utilisation, the safety aspect of accurate loading and avoiding railway penalties are all tangible benefits of the station.
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